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  1. Type of Packing Done
    We do the packing of goods by using multilayer packaging, plastic wrappers, plastic bubbles and foam. To maintain the safety of goods, we sometimes pack it with wooden crates.The packaging using wooden crates makes the packaging large, but it is very necessary for the safety of the goods during the trip. That way, the goods will be safe at their destination.
  2. Solution If Goods Cannot Enter The Room
    If the item is still too large to enter your room, one of the methods that can be used is to open the item before being put into the room. After the item is opened then divide it into sections.

When ordering a chair, you can remove parts such as pillows and legs to make them smaller in size and lighter. After everyone enters the room, all that remains is to leave the assembly and be placed in the designated room.

How to open the packaging

After the goods have arrived at your home, there are several things to do. We provide the following steps in opening the package when the goods arrive.

  1. Ensuring the Quality of Goods when Received
    Make sure the goods you receive are in good condition. If you notice damage to outside packaging such as cartons or crates, you must show the shipping officer
  2. Report if there is damage to the goods
    We also advise you to take pictures of inappropriate products or damaged outer packaging and send them to our email with the order details, for us to match the goods that have been brought by the sender.

Damage records must also be recorded on the Proof of Delivery. We have delivered to various locations, it is not possible for us to do damage on purpose.

If there is indeed damage and it is purely negligence from Anja Furniture Living, then we will replace the items with new ones. Of course the items we replace are in accordance with the items you ordered.

Make sure the size of the goods can enter the room
Shipping personnel are not authorized to open or assemble furniture and packages. Their main task is to send goods to customers. They work not under the auspices of our company but from third parties.

The measurement of furniture or packages is the customer’s responsibility and we recommend studying the size mentioned on the product page carefully and seeing whether the furniture ordered matches the size of your room.

Assemble Furniture

Most of our furniture does not require assembly. But there are things consumers need to do such as tightening the legs of the sofa or installing a simple table leg.

There are some items where the back foot uses a plate material where the screw can be fixed with a lock. We have provided nuts / bolts or key screws. Our team will also assist when assembling the furniture.

We also provide the necessary wrenches to help you carry out the advanced assembly. We currently do not provide assembly services. However, detailed assembly instructions are already included in the package and goods.

Packages Arrive When You’re Not Home

Couriers from our company will usually notify when the goods will be sent by telephone or Whatsapp. In other words, they do not have direct control over them so they cannot guarantee they call or know before sending.

We also ask that you provide a clear address and telephone number that can be contacted at any time. This is used if it is difficult for us to find your location. We also need other details at the time of placing the order.

If you are planning to travel and are not in a predetermined place, please inform us in advance so that we can plan to resend according to your convenience.

 Information About Higher Floors

In sending goods to your place, our sender will be ready wherever the goods are addressed. But if the goods are requested to be sent to a high-rise building, they might not be able to send it there.

For shipping in a high floor building, you can use additional services and of course it’s ready when the goods arrive so that the goods go quickly to the desired place.

The authority of our shipper for large products is limited to the ground floor or maximum first floor of the building. Until now, we did not have the resources and personnel to deliver large furniture to a high-rise building

These are some things that must be known about our company. With the delivery service has been proven fast and professional. Let’s join Anja Furniture Living to realize all the furniture for your needs.

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