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Good Fabric From Anja Furniture Living

The need for furniture of the highest quality is a common need for the community. Public interest in furniture continues to increase from year to year. Anja Furniture Living is present in the midst of the people who need furniture with superior products and the best quality.

Quality Furniture on the Market

What kind of furniture should be at home, should it be as needed. Many kinds of furniture that you can find in the market. Here is a list of quality furniture with the lowest quality to the best:

  1. Lowest Quality (Grade C)
    We do not use this quality. However, should you understand what is the lowest quality?  Many furniture sold in the market use this quality. However, sometimes buyers rarely pay attention to matrial quality.The material used was somewhat less durable. Generally use plywood or in everyday language which usually is plywood. Plywood or plywood generally has the advantage of resistance to wood shrinkage. However, this type of material is not resistant to termite pests. In addition, the use of plywood or plywood material is not easily damaged by weather and water. Apart from the type of wood used, grade C quality furniture also uses ordinary fabric. The fabric selection is not resistant to oil spills and various types of beverage stains. This type of furniture also uses fabric that is moldy and less durable.
  2. Medium quality (Grade B)
    This medium quality or grade B furniture is made from walnut and some acacia wood. This wood is indeed quite strong, hard and quite durable. Walnut wood does not experience shrinkage and does not bend as time goes by the use of furniture. For buyers who don’t understand wood, it’s a good idea to get a lot of information before making a purchase. Because acacia wood has colors and fibers that tend to be similar to teak. You must be more observant when buying furniture like this, it could be fooled.Prestige Furniture living products only use original teak wood. You must be careful when people use our company. Even so both have their respective shortcomings. Walnut wood, although not easy to rot, is vulnerable to insect or termite attack. While acacia wood is susceptible to fungus or insects. While the fabric used in the type of sofa furniture, has a quality that is not much different from grade C. Materials that are easily mushroomed and difficult to clean when there are stains that fall on food. Such as food flakes and share types of drinks.
  3. Main quality (Grade A)
    The best quality furniture. We use selected teak wood from Perhutani teak plantations and private teak plantations, which have been certified. This type of wood is resistant to all weather and is resistant to termite insects.So that the quality is maintained well in this class. In addition, we use selected fabric types that have the ability to withstand various oil spills and various other beverages.So that stains are easy to clean without residual stains.All of the best qualities were answered by Anja Furniture Living who used various types of material. This proves the company’s seriousness in presenting a variety of top quality furniture.The main qualities of fabric in the furniture products used by Anja Furniture Living include:
  • Resists liquid that has fallen on the fabric and leaves no stains.
  • Has the superior quality of durable fabric protection.
  • Has a long usage period, with guaranteed material durability.
  • Fabric softness lasts long, so you don’t lose comfort.
  • Easy maintenance compared to conventional fabric types used on the same mebele products.

Every furniture product from Anja Furniture Living comes with documents that are included with every purchase of goods. With this document, it has been ensured that the product has met the standards given by the company.

Products Produced by Anja Furniture Living

A company that is diligently engaged in furniture is Prestige furniture. Being a company that still maintains the quality of its products in order to meet the people’s desire for quality furniture. You can ensure the quality of our company.

Anja Furniture Living produces a variety of superior products in the field of furniture. These products have dominated the international and national furniture markets. Orders for furniture products are always fulfilled by companies with the best details and quality with the standards set by the company.

The products produced by Anja Furniture Living are very diverse. From furniture used indoors or indoors, including tables, chairs, beds, cupboards and others. For products used outdoors or outdoors, including dining tables, dining chairs, bar tables, bar stools and benches.

Anja Furniture Living products are intended to meet customer needs and satisfaction. For this reason, the company distinguishes products that are used outdoors and used indoors. It aims to keep the quality of the products manufactured by the company.

Ordering Furniture Products

Orders can be made by visiting our office or by telephone. You can also choose products according to designs that have been prepared by the company. Or you can also order the design style according to customer desires.

But there are some things that you need to consider when you want to buy our products. Here are tips for ordering Anja Furniture Living products that need attention, including:

  1. Determine the delivery path, for example from outside your home to where the goods will be placed.
  2. Make sure the path is not blocked and wide barriers for the goods that have been ordered.
  3. Measure the height and width of the entrance hall, including the width of the stairs, the width and height of the hallway. If the room is through the hallway and stairs.
  4. Measuring the height and width of the interior, all the doors are passed to facilitate shipping.
  5. Measure the entrance, between the door and the wall as well as the gate and fence.
  6. Make sure the various items in the room, high ceiling above the stairs, hanging decorations do not interfere with the lifting of goods into the room.
    For large sofas, make sure the room occupied meets the requirements if you want to change the order
  7. Make sure the placement of goods does not interfere with your goods at home, such as wall lamps, wall hangings, hanging lamps and so forth
  8. The most important thing is make sure the items you ordered are suitable for the room to be occupied, starting from the height, width, and length.
    All of these requirements are not the sole benchmark for purchasing Anja Furniture Living products.
  9. Purchase of goods is the buyer’s decision. We only give advice so that the goods can be easily placed in a designated place.

Customer satisfaction is the goal of the Prestige Furniture company. What we have described above is intended to meet customer needs and satisfaction. When purchasing superior products from our company.

The furniture company in Indonesia that still maintains the quality of its products is Anja Furniture Living. Every purchase will get a quality guarantee from the company with a certificate of goods. Your furniture will be durable and resistant to various stains by buying at our company.

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